1. Unified Thread Tables

    Tables for threads in UNC and UNF including derived properties such as tensile area and tensile area-equivalent diameter.

  2. ASTM A36

    Summary of properties for ASTM A36

  3. ASTM A500

    Summary of properties for ASTM A500

  4. K-Factor and Bend Allowance

  5. ASTM A516

    Summary of properties for ASTM A516

  6. Bolting Materials

    Summary of SAE and ASTM bolt grades.

  7. Constant Acceleration Equations

    Summary of equations of motion for constant acceleration

  8. matplotlib Quick Ref

  9. Remove Figure from Cross-References in Word

  10. reStructuredText Elements

    reStructuredText is a great markup language used in the Python world but can also be used for general text activities. It has more specificity in its design and has more functionality when compared to others in its class such as Markdown.

    It is the format for content for this website …