1. FEA Basics and Development of a 2D Link Element

  2. Python @staticmethod, @classmethod

    Overview of Python's staticmethod and classmethod decorators.

  3. Unified Thread Tables

    Tables for threads in UNC and UNF including derived properties such as tensile area and tensile area-equivalent diameter.

  4. Weld as a Line - Geometric Properties Table

    Property tables for welds when treated as a line using the Blodgett method.

  5. Easily Zip Ghost Themes with Python

    Previous iterations of this site used the Ghost blogging platform which utilized a custom theme. In order to upload it to the Ghost application a zipped folder of the theme is required. To save mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, I wrote a Python script to zip the theme files and …

  6. GD&T -- Basics

  7. Geometric Characteristic Symbols

  8. ASTM A36

    Summary of properties for ASTM A36

  9. ASTM A500

    Summary of properties for ASTM A500

  10. K-Factor and Bend Allowance

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